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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Korean girl forgets you can't use your hands in football

High profile handballs are trendy right now. Starting with Thierry Henry's against Ireland last year and peaking with Luis Suarez's goal-saving effort against Ghana in the World Cup, both sparked outrage and debate, but both also helped their respective teams. South Korea defender Jeong Yeonga's handball in their 5-1 semifinal loss to their German hosts in the Women's U-20 World Cup did not help her team, though. Granted, it didn't really hurt her team, either, since they were already losing 4-1 at the time. But was weird.

Here's how described the scene:
[Germany's Alexandra] Popp hammered in a shot that crashed back off the crossbar. The ball flew out to a defender [Yeonga] but instead of clearing it she chose to catch it even though she was standing inside the area.
She must have thought that play had been stopped for some reason or that the ball had gone out because she caught it as if it were the natural thing to do and then just dropped it on the ground. Maybe she thought the rules of the game were suddenly changed mid-match or maybe she just watched Inception and it totally messed with her head. I don't know. These things are better left unexplained and delightfully odd.
A penalty was given, but Yeonga wasn't booked for her blatant and befuddling offense. Now, Spain's is calling this "the world's dumbest penalty," which is more than a little harsh given that it appeared to be an honestly absent-minded moment. Hooray for hyperbole.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Will Octopus's Prediction come true tonight?

Now, in Football World Cup Octopus has came into light, just giving forecast regarding finalist
of the World Cup Football.

As per Paul Octopus's prediction, Spain will come in the final match of the World Cup football.
After this forecast, German fans are looking with trapped heart.

Paul Octopus was kept in Oberhausen’s water organism school of West Germany.

It is said that, during this World Cup, whatever forecast was predicted by 'Paul Octopus',
which have proved its correctness.

Not to say, but today, this Octopus has achieved a star status in Germany.

Now, will this Octopus's forecast break the elaborated efforts of German Football team?

But my experience says, the winners will be those ones, who never gets frustrated
despite any up-down Global forecasts.
There is always justice in the court of God, which may come late but will be
true with respect to time.
My best wishes goes to those team, who makes elaborate efforts
uptill the last breath of game.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Maradona clashes with German fans

Immediately after Argentina's 4-0 quarterfinal loss to Germany on Saturday, Maradona was understandably upset. And according to Argentina's Diarios y Noticias, he let a group of German fans know it. A translation of their report:

Argentina national team coach Diego Maradona had an altercation with German fans after the end of the match that marked the elimination of said team from the 2010 South Africa World Cup.

Apparently upset over post game celebrations by fans located behind the Argentinean bench, Maradona approached and scolded them, until Dalma, one of his daughters, entered the field and contained him.

It's a shame the man who has entertained us all over the last few weeks with his exuberance and delightful antics had to get involved in something like this. He would go on to say that this loss was "the most disappointing moment in my life" which shows just how devastated he must have been as he walked off the pitch and saw German fans in red and yellow wigs partying like it's Oktoberfest in July right behind him. A sad end for the most interesting man of the tournament. Or anywhere else.

Sign reads: "Bye, Maradona" (I don't think they mean that sincerely.)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hitler - A cricket player???

Adolf Hitler wanted to use cricket to train German troops according a new book about to be published by the BBC’s former World Affairs Editor, John Simpson.

However Hitler, who was taught the basics of the game, found the complex rules too much to comprehend and wanted to do away with the use of pads because they were “unmanly and un-German”.

Simpson’s claims are based on a report in the Daily Mirror in 1930 by Oliver Locker-Lampson, a British right-wing MP and Nazi sympathiser, who claimed Hitler thought cricket would be the ideal preparation for war.

In his book Simpson says that, after recover from injuries from being shot, he challenged the British to a “friendly” game but afterwards said the sport was “insufficiently violent”.
The result of the match was never recorded and neither was it possible to confirm claims that Hitler was dismissed for a golden duck.

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