Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Genius vs Dumb - Why cricket is a Mind Game - Video

Genius vs Ordinary – 1 ball 1 run 1 clever trick: Here we have two occasions when the last ball thriller was set up by the Wicket-keepers. On one occasion, the batting team makes full use of the loop-hole and clinches the match, while, on the other occasion, a smart move by the keeper sets the record straight for his team. Let’s have a look at how the events unfolded.
The game was closing up for a nail-biting finish, as Venkatesh Prasad ran in to bowl the final delivery. Pakistan needed 1 run to win from 1 ball, with 2 wickets in hand. A fake run up by Prasad led the Pakistani tail-ender to wait for the final delivery.
Prasad comes in again as the Saqlain misses the completely. The non-striker ran his way to complete the single, while the keeper missed the stumps from the distance. Pakistan went on to win the thriller by 1 wicket.
On the next occasion, situation looked similar with South Africa needing 1 run to win from 1 ball. Kabir Ali was set to bowl the last ball, while South African all-rounder Andrew Hall was on strike. England wicket-keeper Jones came up to the stumps to avoid a single.Andrew Hall failed to make a contact with the ball, as his big bat swing missed the white leather completely. Jones moved smartly to stump Hall and finish the game for a tie.

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