Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Will Octopus's Prediction come true tonight?

Now, in Football World Cup Octopus has came into light, just giving forecast regarding finalist
of the World Cup Football.

As per Paul Octopus's prediction, Spain will come in the final match of the World Cup football.
After this forecast, German fans are looking with trapped heart.

Paul Octopus was kept in Oberhausen’s water organism school of West Germany.

It is said that, during this World Cup, whatever forecast was predicted by 'Paul Octopus',
which have proved its correctness.

Not to say, but today, this Octopus has achieved a star status in Germany.

Now, will this Octopus's forecast break the elaborated efforts of German Football team?

But my experience says, the winners will be those ones, who never gets frustrated
despite any up-down Global forecasts.
There is always justice in the court of God, which may come late but will be
true with respect to time.
My best wishes goes to those team, who makes elaborate efforts
uptill the last breath of game.

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